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Presentations: the most important weapon in your marketing armoury.

Presentations Amidst the clutter of innumerable products and services, you need to make an impression. This visual and vibrant medium provides the perfect system to turn your meeting into a closed sale.

We offer a variety of presentations, namely:

Managed System Presentations
When companies churn out many presentations, it becomes expedient to have a content manager system in place to assist in the presentation design and content incorporation. Similar to that used with Content Managed Websites, this system gives you a completely designed presentation (including any potentially presentable information), with sections and sub-sections which are accessible with clickable menu options.

Each screen is named, and using the management part of the system, one can select which sections are to be included in a particular instance. As the system contains the entire presentation, one can always answer queries pertaining to another (unshown) part of the business. This is easily done with a mouse seeking out the screen containing the answer or solution. One can then, quickly and easily, move back to the presentation as intended. Additional options are also available as per the companies' requests.
User Operated Presentations
We design a full presentation for you, but you remain in control at all times. The presenter can speak and move on when required, using a mouse click, remote control or a key press. These presentations can include animation, music, videos and sound effects but the presenter or user speaks live.
Self Running Presentations
These are fully designed multi-media presentations which are voice activated. A voiceover is used to move the presentation to the next screen. The presentation is set up and once started, moves on automatically. These applications can be used as introductions to a talk or as stand-alone presentations at a function.

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